Camille Legg

Warm, likeable and highly intuitive, Camille Legg is a natural liaison with a flair for bringing people together to create win-win situations for all. Camille created her own win-win situation, teaming with her real estate mentor and husband, David Legg to form a full-service partnership dedicated to serving the gamut of buyers' and sellers' needs.

Camille is a personable individual who relates well to everyone. She is adept at identifying people's needs, then swift to secure the most suitable property or orchestrate the most profitable deal. Born and raised in Mississippi, she frequently traveled to Tennessee growing up, spending as much time as possible in Nashville. After earning her bachelor's degree and graduating with honors from the University of Mississippi, she then traveled abroad to Italy for the summer before settling permanently in Nashville. Camille and David have two boys, David and Chapman, and when time outside of work and family permits, Camille enjoys interior design and playing tennis.

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